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At Natural Health Houston, we specialize in difficult or non-responsive cases. Dr. Mitchell continues to dedicate his life and career to finding and fixing the underlying root causes of dysfunction in the human body that was so brilliantly intelligently designed.

We don’t just address your symptoms we address you, the whole person.

About Natural Health Houston

Natural Health Houston (NHH) was found in 1999 by Dr. Darin Mitchell and has served the Houston community for 20 years. Located in central Houston near Shepherd and 59, Dr. Mitchell has had the opportunity to treat thousands of patients, everything from young kids, older adults, famous athletes and patients injured in auto accidents.

NHH expanded to a second location a couple of years ago to be closer to those in the Missouri City and Sugar Land areas. The office is planning more expansions in the coming few years to bring a convenient location to everyone in need in Houston.

Dr. Mitchell has expanded the scope of services offered to more than just chiropractic care. He truly believes in healing the whole person, not just the pain. In his years of practice, Dr. Mitchell and his staff have incorporated Natural Medicine into their practice, offering a holistic treatment approach.

Most recently, NHH has embraced and truly backs the newly legalized CBD products by not only selling them in-house in a variety of forms but also by offering CBD massages.

Lastly, Natural Health Houston is a true partner for personal injury cases. Built upon years of strong relationships in Houston with lawyers and medical doctors alike, NHH can help you not only treat your accident pain but also give you the right path to take in order to get compensated for your pain and suffering. If you get in a wreck, do not think twice about giving us a call!

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We pride ourselves in not only being the best in Houston but also bringing a variety of specialities under two roofs in the Houston area. All of our doctors work in both locations to be more convenient for you..

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