Chiropractic Care for

Auto Accidents

Have you suffered from a car accident or other injury? Are you looking for immediate pain relief and effective long-term management? Natural Health Houston specializes in holistic care for auto accidents and other acute injuries. We understand the importance of professional diagnosis following an accident and know how to identify and treat injuries before they develop into chronic long-term problems.

Natural Health Houston is the premier chiropractor for treatment following motor vehicle collisions.

Chiropractic Care Following a Motor Vehicle Collision or Other Injury

Professional chiropractic care is recommended following any accident or injury. A quick and accurate diagnosis is crucial, with patients always benefiting from early intervention and treatment. A comprehensive physical examination by a chiropractor ensures professional long-term care and an accurate claims process. 

People suffer a wide array of injuries following an accident. Many of these injuries are not immediately identified during the emergency response period.

For example, broken bones and concussions are typically recognized by all competent medical professionals. But ER staff are not trained to identify and manage many musculoskeletal problems. From whiplash and back pain through to herniated disks and nerve damage, the impact of an accident can cause a range of ongoing physical problems.

Rather than waiting for symptoms and signs of physical distress, it’s important to get treatment as early as possible.

Benefits of Early Intervention

Accurate diagnosis – It’s much easier to identify problems in the early stages of recovery. Acute injuries often go on to cause chronic problems, which is why they need to be dealt with at the source. Early intervention enables accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Comprehensive treatment – Long-term recovery depends on correct diagnosis and effective mobilization. There is systematic and convincing evidence in favor of active treatment following an injury. Early intervention allows us to create a long-term management plan based on the nature of the accident and how it relates to your corresponding physical condition.

Common Injuries Following an Accident

People suffer a range of physical injuries following car crashes and other accidents. From the top of your head to the bottom of your toes, impact injuries can be severe and need to be dealt with immediately.

Whiplash – Vehicle accidents and impact injuries often cause whiplash and neck pain. Natural Health Houston is able to identify symptoms, initiate therapies, and create long-term management plans. Evidence suggests mobilization is an effective noninvasive intervention for whiplash. From manual therapy and stretching through to spinal adjustments and ultrasound, we offer a range of custom techniques based on your physical and emotional needs.

Back pain – Upper and lower back pain is a common outcome for people who’ve experienced an impact accident. Research shows positive results when early intervention is used for acute back injuries. Massage therapy, stretching programs, spinal manipulation, and even manual therapy come together as holistic care catered to your individual needs.

Neck pain – Whiplash is not the only kind of neck pain that affects car accident survivors. We specialize in acute neck pain, stiffness, and soreness. Treatment is often needed to manage the lack of movement and flexibility that often accompany impact events and accidents. Here at Natural Health Houston, our pain management plans are holistic, comprehensive, and based around your personal recovery.

Nerve pain – Headaches and nerve pain often develop as the result of accidents and impact injuries. A healthy and balanced nervous system function is integral to your physical health and emotional well-being, with inflamed or entrapped nerves often causing severe pain and distress. Natural Health Houston specializes in nerve entrapment and other disorders that can develop from accidents and physical trauma.

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