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We believe in treating the whole person, not just the pain. Click below to learn more about what we offer.

At Natural Health Houston, we specialize in difficult or non-responsive cases. Dr. Mitchell and his team continue to dedicate their life and career to finding and fixing the underlying root causes of dysfunction in the human body that was so brilliantly intelligently designed.

We don’t just address your symptoms, we address you, the whole person.

We treat a variety of conditions with multiple approaches. Click below to learn more about our methods.

We Advance Athletes...
with our sports therapy services.
-Sports Injuries-
-Sports Therapy (KT taping)-
-Balance Training-
We Can Treat...
a variety of conditions that cause pain.
-Auto Accidents-
-Lower Back Pain-
-Headaches & Migraines-
-Nerve Pain-
-Herniated Discs-
-Frozen Shoulder-
-Shoulder Pain-
-Neck Pain-
-Muscle Pain (Myalgia)-
-Sports Injuries-
-Thoracic Spine Pain-
-Prenatal Care-
-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome-
-Leg Length Inequality-
-Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow-
We Practice...
a variety of advanced therapies.
-Decompression Therapy-
-Soft Tissue Mobilization-
-Laser Therapy-
-Chiropractic Ultrasound-
We Offer...
rehabilitation for your recovery needs.
-In-Office Rehabilitation Equipment-
-Rehabilitation Consultation-
-Therapeutic Exercises-

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