Auto Accident Injury & Care
Getting treatment immediately is crucial to your long-term well-being.
Automobile collisions can have a significant impact on your health and wellbeing and early treatment is recommended to ensure a rapid and full recovery. From passive modalities and chiropractic adjustments to specific rehabilitation exercises, paying attention to your body after an accident helps you avoid long-term distress. Here at Natural Health Houston, we provide physical assessment after an accident and create a detailed care plan that includes various forms of treatment including state-of-the-art equipment and technology, such as class IV laser therapy.

Impact and trauma from a car accident can cause a number of immediate and long-term physical problems, from muscle tears to chronic inflammation, neck and back pain. Even more seriously auto collisions can also cause whiplash, herniated discs, nerve root injuries, and even concussions which may last a lifetime and degenerate without care. Immediate treatment is always recommended, even in cases where symptoms are mild or even unnoticeable without proper training.

Treatment following a car accident depends on many factors, with our chiropractors wetting up individualized care plans that focus on immediate pain relief and long-term recovery. The team at Natural Health Houston provides a range of chiropractic care and natural medicine services that support injury management and long-term rehabilitation. Your doctor will treat you each and every visit being a part of your care from start until finish. Our main goal is to return our patients to a pre-injury status and give them their lives back!

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