Frozen Shoulder/Adhesive Capsulitis
We can help manage this condition before you start experiencing chronic pain.
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Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is a painful musculoskeletal disorder that involves the shoulder capsule. This condition can be extremely uncomfortable and disabling, with shoulder and arm motion greatly restricted and chronic pain often experienced. While the exact cause of this condition is unclear, frozen shoulder always involves the connective tissue around the glenohumeral joint. Here at Natural Health Houston, we help to diagnose and manage adhesive capsulitis through manipulation and other physical therapies.


Frozen shoulder normally presents in a series of stages, often after an injury or traumatic event. Stage one involves the actual ‘freezing’, with this painful period lasting from 1-9 months. Regular motion will be affected during this period, with this stiff or adhesive stage starting to show gradual improvement over 4-9 months during stage two. During stage three over 5-25 months, the shoulder will ‘thaw’ and full-motion will return to the affected area.

Adhesive capsulitis can be successfully managed through a range of physical therapies, including chiropractic manipulations, massage therapy, and supportive therapeutic exercise programs that respect pain limits. Physical therapy can be a highly effective management tool, with our holistic natural medicine programs helping to restore a full range of motion to your shoulder in all directions and greatly shorten the duration of the healing.

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