Lower Back Pain
Lower back pain can be debilitating, and most of us live with it daily.
Chiropractic adjustments, stretches, spinal manipulation, pain, personal injury, car accidents, herniated disk
Lower back pain and associated problems affect a huge proportion of the global population. From herniated discs and other acute injuries through to non-specific chronic complaints, lower back pain is one of the main reasons that people seek chiropractic care. While treating severe or long-term back pain can seem overwhelming, chiropractors have a number of tools at their disposal. Here at Natural Health Houston, we can diagnose, treat, and create long-term management plans for various lower back pain disorders.

Lower back pain can develop for many reasons, including accidents, sporting and impact injuries, and poor posture. Lower back conditions are often treated through manipulations and manual physical therapy, with different therapies available depending on the existence and severity of symptoms. Chiropractic care plans often include a combined approach, with spinal and manual manipulations available alongside mobilization and exercise programs, massage therapy, and active care plans.

As alternative medicine specialists, we understand the importance of holistic treatment for lower back complaints. While chiropractic adjustments and massage can be a powerful way to align your musculoskeletal system, staying active in between treatments is also important. Here at Natural Health Houston, we can diagnose your back pain, provide immediate pain relief through spinal manipulations, and create exercise plans to help mitigate risk factors such as poor posture and sedentary lifestyle patterns.

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