Neck Pain
Living with neck pain is common but certainly not necessary.
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Along with back pain, neck pain is the most common reason that people seek chiropractic care. Neck pain can present in many ways, from acute and chronic pain through to stiffness, soreness, and numbness in the neck area. As the bridge between the head and body, your neck plays an important role in your physical health and general wellbeing. Here at Natural Health Houston, we help to diagnose neck complaints and find appropriate solutions based on chiropractic care and natural medicine.

Symptoms of neck pain can be extremely varied, including soreness, numbness, tenderness, stiffness, or lack of movement and flexibility. Localized neck pain is also known to radiate into surrounding parts of the body, including the head, shoulders, back, and arms. From headaches and nausea through to tingling sensations and balance problems, neck pain can be hard to understand and difficult to manage without professional support.

Treatment for neck pain starts with a thorough assessment of your symptoms and physical condition. We look at all possible causes and scenarios, paying close attention to your medical history, your posture, and how your neck pain affects your general health and wellbeing. Natural Health Houston is dedicated to natural medicine programs that provide immediate pain relief and support sustainable long-term management.

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