Shoulder Pain
Whether from sleeping wrong or sports, shoulder pain gets in the way of daily life.
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Shoulder pain is one of the main reasons that people seek chiropractic care, with dull aching or sharp pain sensations often the result of structural misalignment. Shoulder pain can occur for many reasons, including direct physical trauma, overuse through repeated physical tasks, or lack of movement and poor posture. Here at Natural Health Houston, we help to diagnose your shoulder pain and find an appropriate course of immediate and long-term treatment.

Depending on the type and severity of symptoms, pain management may include spinal manipulation, massage therapy, and exercise programs based in and around the affected area. A holistic natural medicine program is recommended, with localized pain symptoms known to radiate up or down the shoulder into the neck, head, arms, and fingers. People suffer a wide range of shoulder problems, with pain, discomfort, and restricted motion often the end result.

Shoulder pain occurs for many reasons, with a professional chiropractic care program needed to find the underlying cause of the pain and manage the associated symptoms. Along with the acute physical problems associated with shoulder pain, particular structural disorders can also have a negative effect on nervous system function and general health. Here at Natural Health Houston, we specialize in alternative medicine programs that treat physical symptoms, reduce pain, and promote positive health outcomes.

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