Sports Injuries
Even the strongest bodies need help treating minor injuries.
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Whether it’s a social game of tennis or a professional football match, people often develop injuries on the sporting field. Most sports injuries involve a form of soft tissue damage, with muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments often suffering from strains, sprains, and overuse. When an injury occurs, it’s important to get a professional assessment from a chiropractor. Here at Natural Health Houston, we carry out a detailed physical assessment and create a care plan that includes therapeutic exercises and other forms of therapy.

Chiropractors offer professional treatment for a range of musculoskeletal issues, including painful strains, sprains, and other sporting injuries. Sporting activities are capable of causing many problems, with different treatments needed depending on the type and extent of the injury. While knee, shoulder, groin, and spinal problems are most prevalent, sports injuries are capable of affecting any part of the body.

– Strains and sprains –
– Muscle spasms and tightness –
– Loss of flexibility and mobility –
– Compromised spinal movement –
– Sciatica, or radiating back pain –

A sports chiropractor fulfills a number of functions, providing preventative treatment and immediate relief from painful injuries while also providing long-term care. From professional athletes through to weekend warriors, the team at Natural Health Houston can treat your sports injuries through a combination of advanced natural medicine and professional chiropractic care.

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