Tennis & Golfer's Elbow
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Soft tissue problems are often the result of repeated physical strain and overuse. Tennis and golfer’s elbow are related conditions that both develop from repeated forceful motions, and while these conditions normally influence tennis and golf players, anyone can be affected. With more people hitting the tennis and golf courses, often later in life, these problems are becoming more prevalent. Here at Natural Health Houston, we help to diagnose these problems and set up treatment plans before they lead to ongoing problems.

TENNIS ELBOW – Tennis elbow is also called lateral epicondylitis, with this condition affecting the tendons attached to the outer side of the elbow. When these lateral tendons are put under strain from repeated muscle use, they can cause pain, tenderness, and weakness in the forearm and hand. Because the tendons are connected to muscles that extend the wrist backward, they come under strain during regular tennis strokes.

GOLFER’S ELBOW – Golf elbow or medial epicondylitis affects the tendons connected to the inner side of the elbow. When these medial tendons are put under strain from repeated muscle use, they can cause pain, tenderness, and weakness. Because the tendons in question are attached to the muscles that flex the wrist and fingers during gripping, they come under stress during a regular golf stroke.

Both tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow respond well to physical therapy, with the team at Natural Health Houston able to help you with stretching and strengthening exercises, soft tissue therapy, and chiropractic adjustments to support physical alignment.

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