Thoracic Spine Pain
Don't let pain and loss of mobility in your spine cause even more problems.
Spinal manipulation, stretching, adjustments, chiropractic, mobility exercises
The thoracic region of the spine is the longest part of the human spine, with pain in this area often the result of muscular problems or joint dysfunction. Thoracic spine pain and associated loss of motion can adversely affect movement, posture, flexibility, and balance. Accurate diagnosis and chiropractic care are integral to the recovery process. At Natural Health Houston, we offer natural medicine programs to help relieve thoracic pain and promote general health.


The thoracic region of your spine runs from the base of your neck down to your abdomen. As the only part of your spine attached to the protective rib cage, this section of your spine is an important part of your structural integrity. The thoracic spine includes 12 individual vertebrae from T1 to T12. This part of the spinal column supports a number of internal organs and soft tissues, including countless nerves and blood vessels. Among other things, the thoracic spine helps to protect the spinal cord and anchor the rib cage.

Pain and loss of mobility in the thoracic region can have an extremely negative influence on physical and mental health, with chiropractic adjustments and mobility exercises often used to restore balance and structural integrity. Natural Health Houston offers a range of chiropractic care and alternative medicine programs that treat underlying muscle tension, poor posture, and alignment and degeneration issues affecting thoracic spine.

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