Whiplash Injury
If you have been in a car wreck, there is a good chance you've sustained a whiplash injury.
whiplash injury, car wreck, personal injury
Whiplash injuries can cause serious discomfort and pain, along with restricted joint motion and muscle movement. Whiplash injuries are often the result of a car accident, although they can occur from any injury that involves a rapid change of direction or speed. While it’s always important to get checked by a doctor following such an accident, chiropractic care can play an important role during the recovery process.

At Natural Health Houston, we work with you during all stages of the recovery process and provide tailored whiplash treatment depending on your needs. A chiropractic care program can be initiated immediately following an accident, with specific therapies available to reduce inflammation and associated neck pain. From ultrasound to manual therapy and stretching, early intervention can make a difference. Once the acute pain from the injury has subsided, gentle manipulations and other chiropractic techniques can prove useful.

Natural Health Houston offers a variety of techniques to treat whiplash injuries, including a range of manual therapies and spinal manipulations. Our natural medicine programs combine multiple techniques to improve health and quality of life outcomes at all stages of the recovery process.


-Manual Stretching-
-Soft Tissue Mobilization-
-Spinal Manipulation-
-Therapeutic Ultrasound-
-Class IV Laser Therapy-

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