Therapeutic Exercises
We will help you take your treatment home for ongoing improvement.
strength training, balance training, at-home exercises, rehab
Therapeutic exercises include a wide range of activities designed to restore and maintain physical function. The goal of these exercises is to reduce or eliminate pain and return the patient to full health. Depending on the injury in question, different exercises may be used to increase strength, improve flexibility, or maintain stability and balance. Here at Natural Health Houston, we provide a detailed physical assessment and therapeutic exercise plan catered to your unique needs.

Therapeutic exercises are an integral component of physical therapy and a necessary part of the rehabilitation process. At the outset, one of our chiropractors will conduct a detailed examination of your physical capabilities and injuries, including a thorough examination of your medical history. Once our initial assessment has been made, we will develop a care plan with a progressive exercise component. Throughout the treatment process, we will modify your plan and combine exercises with other forms of therapy.

While the primary goal of these exercises is to reduce inflammation and associated pain, over time you will be able to restore strength, endurance, and flexibility. Here at Natural Health Houston, we can help you discover and implement specific exercises designed to treat specific problems. From improving your posture and balance to enhancing your muscle performance and range of motion, our therapeutic exercises will help you regain function and meet your long-term goals.

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