Balance Training
Balance training is just as important as strength training, especially after an injury.
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Strength and endurance are often recognized as the pillars of good health, but balance and flexibility are just as important. Good balance is integral to almost everything you do, from getting out of your chair to putting on your shoes and crossing the road. Balance training involves specific exercises to strengthen important muscles, including the core and leg muscles that keep you upright.

Here at Natural Health Houston, we can help you with all aspects of balance training, from simple stretches and yoga poses to stability balls and moving exercises. Physical balance, flexibility, and strength are tightly integrated, with all of our exercises designed to improve your physical function and enhance your performance. Our balance training programs are progressive, stimulating, and capable of being customized over time to meet your changing needs.

The balance training we provide at Natural Health Houston can be carried out in isolation or combined with other forms of physical therapy as part of a chiropractic care program. Whether you’re getting older and losing mobility, recovering from a car accident, or going through rehabilitation after a sporting injury, we can help you to improve your balance and enhance your quality of life.

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