KT Taping
We can help you prevent sports injuries just as much as we can treat them.
Chiropractic Care, Sports Therapy, rehabilitation

KT Tape is a type of elastic therapeutic tape also known as kinesiology tape. When this tape is applied along muscles, tendons, and ligaments, it provides a lightweight but effective form of support and pain treatment. KT tape is a thin and elastic cotton tape that can stretch beyond its original length, which gives it the ability to provide support without restricting natural body movements. Used by a number of professional and amateur athletes, KT tape helps you remain active while recovering from sporting injuries.

Are you looking for holistic chiropractic care that combines advanced sporting treatments with multiple forms of natural and alternative medicine? Here at Natural Health Houston, we provide KT Taping and other sports therapy programs to assist you with injury prevention, injury management, and long-term rehabilitation.

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