Orthotics (Gait & Foot Evaluations)
Your feet support you, and we support your feet.
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From the top of your head to the ends of your toes, your entire body is connected through a number of complex interactions. Orthotics involves gait and foot evaluations, with this field also involving the design and application of supportive external devices known as orthoses. Natural Health Houston specializes in gait and foot evaluations to help identify problematic walking patterns and structural imbalances.

As the only part of your body that actually touches the ground, the integrity of your feet is important to your entire body. Your feet can be either the cause or effect of many problems, with a detailed gait scan able to determine the mobility of your joints, the strength of your muscles, and control of your bodily movements. We can help to determine structural and functional deficits in order to analyze causes, treat acute injuries, and manage chronic problems.

Orthotics involves the application of external devices on your feet and ankles to influence how you move throughout the day. Depending on the problem that presents itself, these devices can control and restrict joint movements, assist mobilization, and reduce weight bearing forces on a particular joint or body segment. The combination of a professional gait and foot evaluation with the application of an orthotic device can help to reduce pain and increase mobilization.

Here at Natural Health Houston, we offer objective weight bearing assessments to help you identify and reduce physical stresses on your feet and throughout your body.

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