Soft Tissue Mobilization
Myofascial Release & Instrument-Assisted Mobilization
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Soft tissues surround your organs and support your skeletal system, making them an integral component of your physical being. Along with muscles, ligaments, and tendons, soft tissues also include fat, nerves, cartilage, fascia, blood vessels, and even the skin that surrounds your body. When put under stress, these tissues are susceptible to strains and sprains, which can affect the stability of your entire body. Natural Health Houston specializes in soft tissue mobilization techniques that treat existing injuries and support long-term health.

Soft tissue mobilization is a manual therapy that can be used to reduce muscle tension, stretch and lengthen fascia, and treat a variety of problems that develop from skeletal muscle immobility. By reducing tightness and spasms in the muscles and other soft tissues, you may experience reduced pain, improved blood and lymphatic circulation, and faster recovery from soft tissue injuries like sprains and contusions. Here at Natural Health Houston, we offer assistance through myofascial release and instrument-assisted mobilization techniques.

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE – Myofascial release is a soft tissue technique that attempts to treat physical immobility, pain, and other musculoskeletal problems. Fascia is an elastic connective tissue that supports and protects a range of other soft tissue structures, with myofascial release designed to relax contracted muscles and prevent associated problems.

INSTRUMENT-ASSISTED MOBILIZATION – Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) is a manual physical therapy that utilizes stainless steel instruments to help detect and treat problematic soft tissues. These specially designed tools help practitioners to deal with scar tissue, soft tissue restriction, and adhesions among other problems.

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